Repair Process FAQ


What if I’m not happy with the repairs?


Your satisfaction is extremely important to us and all of our work is backed by the Service King lifetime guarantee. If anything causes you concern, please call the Service King where the repairs were completed and ask to speak with a supervisor. He or she will help you make it right.


Will you give out my email address to other companies?


No, the email address on file is solely for communication purposes. We will not distribute your information.


I’m going on vacation. Can my car stay there while I’m gone?


Please call your local Service King location in advance to see if your car can stay in the shop until you return.


Can you deliver my car when the repairs are complete?


Please call your local Service King location in advance to see if we’ll be able to deliver your car when the repairs are complete.


Can you give me a courtesy ride home?


Please call your local Service King location in advance to see if you can get a ride home after you drop off your vehicle.


Can I drop off my vehicle on a Saturday?


To better serve our customers and provide the most convenient and effecient repair process possible, many Service King locations are open on Saturdays. However, we only schedule and accept vehicle drop-offs Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Please contact your local Service King for more information.


Can I just bring my car in so you can pre-order the parts?


Most of the time we find that vehicles have sustained internal damage, even after we’ve given a visual estimate. Therefore, we order the parts that you need only after we’ve conducted a thorough damage analysis. When parts are ordered, they usually arrive within 48 hours. However, if the damage is very minor, such as headlights, taillights, mirrors, etc., then you may stop by the shop to pre-order those parts.


Why do I need to remove my personal belongings?


Your vehicle will likely go through numerous stages for repair, including painting and disassembly. We want you to have your belongings in case you need them during that time.


Why does my vehicle need a quarter-tank of gas when I bring it in?


A quarter-tank of gas allows us to test drive the vehicle or move it around the shop during the repair process.