April 23, 2015

The process of buying the right car seat can be a daunting one. There is abundance of options and an endless amount of features to go along with the pressure of selecting the right type and the right size.

Thankfully, credible resources are available for parents looking to make the best and safest selection when it comes to protecting their child in a vehicle. Perhaps one of the leading lifelines is provided through Parents Central, an easy-to-use, in-depth and government backed resource for parents sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The administration provides parents with a three-step process when selecting and using a car seat, which includes:

1. Find the Right Car Seat

2. Know How to Correctly Install Your Car Seat

3. Register Your Car Seat

Parents Central guides users through the different options and sizing guidelines and even provides a Car Seat Finder tool that allows parents to input their child’s birthdate, weight and height to calculate the perfect type of seat based on NHTSA recommendations.

Meanwhile, the site also provides parents a resource to determine when children are safe to use a seat belt, a safety checklist for used car seats and installation videos.

Once parents have selected the appropriate car seat and correctly installed it, the NHTSA strongly encourages that all car seats be registered to ensure that they meet Federal Safety Standards. Registrations can be completed here.

Video Courtesy: NHTSA

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