March 13, 2015

The return of warm weather also means an increase in the number of cyclists on the roadways. Sharing the road properly is an imperative safety measure that all drivers and cyclists should be cognizant of to help prevent accidents, injuries or in some cases even deaths.

Many motorists may not realize cyclists share the very same rights and responsibilities on the road as drivers. In an effort to better educate the public on these rights and provide tools to prevent accidents, AAA has published a special section on its website dedicated to cycling safety.

Sharing the road may not be easy for either party, but it's important to keep in mind that cyclists are required by law to:

    • Yield to pedestrians

    • Stop for stop signs

    • Signal turns

    • Travel with the flow of traffic

    To learn the rules of the road and best practices when it comes to interacting with cyclists visit the AAA Bicycle Safety page.

    For more Service Advisor posts on safety please visit our Destination Safety page.




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