May 22, 2015

Jason Peel could have embarked on this journey quite some time ago. His ascent from Service Advisor to Area Manager and now to this very office has been both steady and impressive. Yet it was this particular jump, one that required a move away from his home in Dallas, that caused him to stop and analyze his next step. The 10-year Service King veteran carefully examined each opportunity to take on a Vice President role with both precision and detail.

And each time, he declined.

That is until now. This opportunity was different. Not only did the position feel right professionally, but more importantly it provided an easy transition for his family.

“Immediately, I knew this was it,” Peel said. “This was the one. There wasn’t going to be a better opportunity than this.”

It’s this careful and somewhat meticulous approach that defines Peel in almost everything he does. So now, as he puts the final touches on the very first relocation of his career - a move south from Dallas to San Antonio - Peel collapses in his new office chair with a sense of both confidence and utter excitement. The longest-tenured area manager in the company was now, officially, the Market Vice President for South Texas.

The evidence of his careful day-to-day approach is not difficult to find. It’s on the oversized map that hangs from the wall in this corner office, one littered with a rainbow of colors dotting each Service King location in his coverage area, which extends from Waco south to San Antonio. It’s in the medals he has custom made for his teammates and countless other team-building tactics. Yes, new to the halls of this Service King is a leader with a deep passion for celebrating teamwork and for winning. He jumps at the opportunity to show off those personalized gold medals and the larger eagle trophies on display in the main lobby – all coveted items at the team luncheons hosted each month at various locations.

It’s easy to see Peel has a deep-rooted love for his job. This is a place – a family – that over time provided consistent, tangible opportunities that the eight-year U.S. Army veteran couldn’t find elsewhere. He is one of countless military veterans employed at Service King that share the same story of opportunity and success. Together, these stories inspired the launch of Service King’s Mission 2 Hire initiative, which aims to create careers for at least 500 veterans, spouses and active duty personnel over the next five years.

For Peel, an opportunity to thrive at Service King stemmed from the persistent culture of teamwork – similar to that celebrated in the Army. It’s that culture that laid the foundation for his management approach today.

“The military parallel is just so strong,” Peel said. “Everybody at Service King just has a hunger and a drive to outperform everybody else. That piece of our culture is just phenomenal.”

An approach like this always permeates from somewhere, and for Peel, that somewhere is the small farming community of Omaha, Mo. It was the place where he and his brother learned first hand the value of hard work from their father, a carpenter, and grandfather who served in World War II.

“Hard work was just part of life,” Peel said. “It shaped my work ethic and attention to detail.”

That lifestyle remained engrained in Peel as he graduated high school and enrolled in both technical school at UTI in Houston and the Army National Guard. He wanted to chase a career in something that rewarded hard work and service, and later thrived UTI. Though just six weeks from graduation, he felt a different urge – one to go active duty and serve in the quickly-escalating Gulf War.

Peel left UTI, and entered the Army as a crew-member leveraging his technical background to service combat helicopters in Fort Campbell, Ky. Early in his service, Peel eyed the Special Operations unit and within a year, achieved that designation. His service spanned from 1989 to 1997.

As he transitioned back to civilian life, Peel launched his career at various auto dealerships in southern California and eventually the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Though it wasn’t until 2005 when he was introduced to teammates from Service King. It took just a few interactions with the staff from the Dallas-based collision repair company to realize there was something unique about this group.

Eventually, Peel became curious.

“They always seemed really happy,” he said. “Every time I saw them. You don’t usually see people that are just super happy with where they work.”

That first impression stuck, and soon he made the difficult decision to leave a management position with a well-known Dallas auto dealership and trade it for an entry-level position at Service King.

“I finally took that leap of faith.” Peel said. “For me, I had to start over again at the ground floor.”

That leap landed Peel in a company that celebrated and practiced many of the same tactics that allowed him to thrive in the Army. Teamwork, communication, celebration of success – they were all engrained at every level of Service King’s culture.

“There’s teamwork from the top to the bottom,” Peel said. “All of the goals are aligned. For those who work hard and are dedicated to the team with great attitudes, they can go as far as they want to. To me, that’s one of the great beauties of the company. As we continue to expand and grow, there are just more opportunities.”

Now, Peel and his Service King teammates look to promote that culture of opportunity to American heroes across the country through the Mission 2 Hire initiative. The initiative is already off to a fast start, and it’s the beginning of something that is certain to make a permanent impact on both the company and the lives of so many future teammates.

“It’s just the right thing to do for our veterans,” Peel said. “It’s a great opportunity, and I cannot wait to see the impact it makes.”


About Mission 2 Hire

For more information on Service King’s Mission 2 Hire initiative, please visit

The portal offers users a full list of career opportunities at Service King and guides military veterans and family members through an easy-to-navigate contact form. Service King has been named No. 1 among the Best Places to Work by the Dallas, Houston and San Antonio Business Journals. Follow the Mission 2 Hire campaign on social media by using #Mission2Hire.



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