Service King Mesquite

Service King Mesquite

  1. About Us

Service King Mesquite, formerly Master Auto Body, has been serving the Mesquite area for over a decade.  We are located on Hwy. 80 near Galloway.

Our highly trained and friendly staff, many who have been here since the late 1990’s, are here to provide a positive customer service experience and excellent repairs when you need us! The choice is yours, and Service King is the right choice! We'll prove it!

Stop by for a cup of coffee on us and let us show you why we’re King. 

We take pride in the community we call home, always looking for positive ways to impact the Mesquite area beyond our commitment to superior collision repair.  We understand that service extends beyond the walls of our shop and we want to make a difference in the lives of our customers and our communities.

Service King Mesquite is managed by Marc Taylor, a 4 -year Service King veteran. Marc has a wealth of experience and you can rest assured you’ll have a stellar repair experience at our location. 

If you recently had the misfortune of being involved in an accident, we hope you will entrust us with all your auto repair needs. We’re extremely proud to set the industry standard for the best collision repair available. Because to us, Service King is more than a name. It’s a promise.